Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Live at SpeakeasyDC

Check out my latest performance at the SpeakeasyDC monthly open mic. The theme was {Line in the Sand: Stories about making a point, taking a stand, or breaking a pattern.}

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Anonymous said...


I was with your brother yesterday (and Tony) and he told me about your performance. His enthusiasm when describing it made it stick in my mind even after a night of drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and bashing Liberals. So I just watched it. Wow! Now you know that politically you and I are at polar opposites, but… Wow! I would say, “You go, girl!” but I’m a 48 year-old Republican and we’re not allowed to say that. It’s against the bylaws. But I can say I was moved and impressed and even found myself humming the Rocky theme while watching it. I’ve always told my daughter that if she gets into a similar situation she must make her stand there and then; better to die fighting in the street then to go meekly along, hoping for compassion not in evidence. And see if you can guess my favorite part of your video: I also tell my daughter to stick her thumbs in the creature’s eyes and pluck them right out of their sockets. Almost more impressive than your fight for survival was your subsequent pursuit of justice. All too often the bastards ultimately win because the good guys give up dealing with the courts or are intimidated into not even pressing charges. I will be showing your video to my daughter as a vivid illustration of how victor or victim is a matter of choice. Good job, Molly.

Rich R.